About Us

Devil Ray Water Sports was founded on the ideals of enjoying the beautiful waterways of the Adirondacks safely, with a bias to protect the beauty of nature so that we may continue to have the privilege to enjoy its numerous benefits. 

We seek to provide new and fun water sport activities to share our passion for fun, learning, and pursuing the stoke! 

We teamed up with Lift Foils to bring the amazing electronic hydrofoil to the Adirondacks and share that stoke with all who wish to try something new! 

 Owner/Operator Aidan Switzer

Aidan was born and raised in Upstate New York. He was blessed to live in the Lake George area and Southern Adirondacks and developed a passion for all outdoor activities. With the privilege to spend time on both Cape Cod, MA and Lake George during the summer, Aidan felt most at home in the water, surfing, paddling, waterskiing, or simply swimming.  Aidan’s passion for water sports continued to grow as he left home to attend the Naval Academy and earn a commission into the United States Marine Corps. Unfortunately his military career was cut short due to a medical issue. As he contemplated life beyond the military, his passion for water sports and sharing his experience with others was at the forefront of his mind.  Aidan decided to start Devil Ray Water Sports to share that passion with his home.     

The mission of DRWS is to…

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