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Please Contact Adirondack eFoil: Ted Arnstein (904) 652-4035 to set up Efoil Lesson or sales Demo!














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About Us

Devil Ray Water Sports is proud to be the Adirondack Region’s only official Lift Affiliate and we’re stoked to share our love of foiling with you! The eFoil is an electronic-powered, hydrofoil surfboard. The hydrofoil is an underwater wing that lifts the board and rider out of the water to provide a soaring experience unlike any other. Whether you love adventure, can’t get enough of the water, are an adrenaline junkie, or simply want to try something new- THIS IS FOR YOU!

Make Us Part Of Your Perfect Trip

Whether it’s a weekend get-away or you call the Adirondacks your second home, come make memories with us you will never forget! Contact us to set up a custom experience or reserve your lesson today! Select services available all over the Adirondack State Park.


eFoil Lessons

One-on-one lesson to get anyone up and riding in no time!  

eFoil Sales and Sales Demo

For those looking to make an investment into the sport. We’ll give you a detailed overview of the eFoil in addition to a basic lesson. Fly before you buy!

Everything Hydrofoil

Talk to us about how you can get into this great sport!

Wave On!

See how the team at Lift Foils gave YOU the power to hydrofoil any time, on any body of water…